Here you will find the products that I have shared and things that we love and use in our home. Each photo is linked for you. To see more detail and how I use them, check out the videos and posts on my Instagram page @home.body.green. Send me an email or dm for specific promo codes - this includes Somavedic, Full Circle, Aquasana, CopperH2o and doTERRA (discount +free gift for new members ) 


simple swaps

If you are ready to start a low-tox lifestyle, try switching some of the products you use every day. It's a simple swap with a big impact! 

Adding in high-quality supplements will help you fill in nutritional gaps and aid your body in the detox process.

I offer free, continued guidance to all my clients. Set up an appointment today so we can customize your daily wellness plan!


Your Free gift

Wondering what essential oils can do for you? I would love to connect with you for a free 15 min call and  put together a customized set of free samples!



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