Your Path To Freedom

Creating your dream life where you love what you do, love what you share, and get to make a positive impact doesn't need to be difficult.

It starts here.

Now's Your Chance...

Work with a top company, combining life changing products with a humanitarian mission to create your ongoing income.


Being the creator of my schedule, and having the freedom to put my family first, is absolutely priceless. Partnering with doTERRA will allow you to design your dream work/life relationship and support your personal passions. Breaking free from the rat race of traditional work settings and opening multiple streams of income is not only nourishing to the soul, but it brings into reality the lifestyle we've dreamt of living and the legacy we've invisionned for our children.   

Here's How It Works

Starting a doTERRA business is extremely fulfilling, you get to let your light shine, you get to focus on your strengths, and you get to have fun. There is no prerequisite, all it takes is an open mind, a willingness to learn, and a desire to make a difference. We have the most amazing tools and support for all levels of experience.   

Step One

Chat with me and we'll figure out together what freedom in your life is.

Step Two

Walk through getting started and your income opportunities.

Step Three

Follow short, simple daily trainings to start achieving your desired income!

Be Empowered To Succeed

You're already passionate about health and wellness...
now share it with everyone.