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One of my superpowers is collecting information and I know that, in our modern world, we are constantly bombarded with more things to do, more choices, and more to remember. That's why I decided to take the most helpful bits and organize them for you here. You will always be able to come back and find what you need in one place, no searching, no overload of information. Just the things you are looking for (and maybe some new ideas you haven't heard of yet!). The focus is green swaps for your home and body. Click the link to see what I put together for you!

reduce toxins

learn about green swaps for home, body and food + h20 and other drinks

mind + body

prioritize movement + rest and learn about essentialism

tech savvy

educate yourself about EMFs and radiation


I help my friends, family, and YOU live a low-tox lifestyle and improve wellness by integrating simple, natural solutions into everyday life. Basically, I help people break up with chemicals!  

self care

Learn how to manage stress and support mental health using essential oils

beauty swaps

Start building your green beauty collection! Save $20 at Citrine w/ my link

toss the toxins

So many DIYs to help you clean your home naturally (and save a ton of money)

trust yourself

When we are able to meet a need, at home with an essential oil or other natural option, it validates the fact that we know our body better than anyone else – and that is one of the most empowering experiences we can have. 
are you curious about essential oils and how they can help you live a healthier lifestyle?
here are three simple steps to help you learn and start incorporating them in your daily wellness routine 

Learn how essential oils will change your life!

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get to know me

I am, what a friend of mine dubbed, a halfway hippie. I love dressing up sometimes, going to restaurants, hot showers… but I am country at heart. I’m into nature and doing things naturally, and I believe that God made no mistakes and, although many people do try, you cannot improve upon what has been created in nature.

I'm a big fan of keeping things simple, growing my own food, keeping chemicals out of my home, and empowering people with knowledge about health. I have changed my life by using essential oils in my everyday routines.

Over the past two decades I’ve gotten really good at detecting “greenwashing” and researching alllll the health fads, latest trends, and new supplements. This means, you don’t have to figure it all out! I’m here for ya! Cuz holy s#*t, it’s a lot to keep up with! Just ask anyone that has tried to buy supplements at the store or a new protein powder. I’ve done my research and I’ve tried so many things. It is my pleasure to pass on what I know and help simplify your wellness journey.  

the results are in, only 6.8% of americans have a healthy metabolic function 

So what does this mean? The quick answer is, our bodies are aging faster than we are. We now know that diet and lifestyle choices can increase or decrease our vitality, and one of the main factors is blood glucose levels. Every time you have a spike in glucose, it ages your body. Fortunately we have a system available to us that can help us look and feel younger, longer! And the best part, it's totally natural and very easy to integrate into your routine.

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Is your body older than the number of candles on your cake? You can live younger, longer! Learn more


Full details of the MetaPWR system 

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doTERRA has a group dedicated to MetaPWR where people are sharing success and questions

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